Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Art

Date: 23 March 2010 8:18:46 PM SAST

Colin Read <>

Dear Colin

All good, the watercolor is yours. Ive had it for 16 years and bought it from Gregoire at his house in Vermont after much begging, so please never sell it. Youre a keeper anyway, so its going to a good home where it will be cared for.

Fivaz and Gemelgo are Laurel and Hardy equivalents, except they’re not funny, so let them launch a thousand smiles at mega moola per inch….LOL

I suspect Ahmed will do good on his promise, he seems to be unaffected by goings on as long as his mom is out of reach of the long arm, in which case she will be done for and he will be much more vulnerable. With no one to charge with the main crime, no intent can be shown in his case.

I looked up the website of but couldnt find it yet …??

I have found a nice house in Canmore, so you are welcome to come and visit now.

My best


Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Coins

Date: 03 June 2010 7:00:33 PM SAST

Colin Read <>Dear Colin

I hope all is well and things are going god for you and your family.

Connie and I will be in SA starting the 13’th of October till the 22’nd. We are so excited about the visit and i also really would like to meet you.

I wonder if you could hand the coins to my Mother. She has a way of getting things to me. That would be for the VP, the PF Penny and the others, excluding the Patterns.

If you could FedEx the patterns to me like the last ones, describe as tokens or coins with a low value and send them to my workplace:

Dr.Chris Annandale

Medisys Calgary

321-6’th Ave SW Suite 960



T2P 3H3

Tel: 403-763 7936

Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Art

Date: 09 June 2010 10:52:50 PM SAST

Colin Read <>Hi Colin

I hope all is well and am looking forward to meeting you finally.

Thanks for transferring the money, I did get it.

I have access to a Maggie Laubser Oil on Canvas Portrait. It is with family of an old friend who is now here in Canada. I can get it for a reasonable price. If you know of someone who would like one, I can do a deal for coins. I always cut the signature off so no one can use my imagwes, but it is signed on the lower left.



Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Pierneef on eBay

Date: 21 June 2010 8:12:09 PM SAST

Colin Read <>Hi Colin

Just got the patterns and all good on the deals so far my thanks. I now have a pretty good collection of ZAR, OFS and CT patterns. As you said, they will not do well as investments, but I sure love them anyway.

The Ebay Pierneef is dodgy. The style of work is not typical for Pierneef, too stylized even for his early work and although the signature is close, is is slanted and not in a primary color, which is not how he signed. The signature also always had a tickmark before and after it and the dot above the I was also usually not so round. I would be a bit careful with this one.



On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 7:52 AM, Colin Read ‪<> wrote:

Hi Chris

Take a look at eBay as there is a nice large example of one of his works. The seller is in Uruguay.

It must be worth a few bob. Take a look and let me know what you think.



Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Gregoire Painting

Date: 04 August 2010 4:57:03 AM SAST

Colin Read <>Hi Colin

All is well I sent it today . Will get teaming # for you in am as they didn’t have one yet before pickup . Your collection is so high end that it will be very hard to improve on it and also expensive when and if the opportunity arrises . Did you see what the starting price of the 1928 6 pence at heritage is … Pretty ambitious if you ask me anyway . There is a nice 1895 pond on eBay ms62, but yours is a 63 if I remember .

Next year end I will be in a position

To buy a collection from someone . My ship is finally steaming toward shore from 2 directions .I will want to buy a complete collection and a proof set . Probably looking at R8M or more I would guess. It’s a solid investment anyway .

See you soon


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Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Coin exchange.

Date: 23 December 2009 1:15:25 AM SAST

Colin Read <>

This is my XMas present to myself. Come and visit in the summer , I’ll fly you and your wife to Kalowna for a day of lunches at the wine farms.



On 09 Jan 2010, at 8:04 PM, Chris Annandale wrote:

Ok thats great Colin

1 ) What would the Flintstones have been called if they were black…..?       See below for answer.

Im not a racist either….a racist is someone who hates shogs more than what he should !

Answer to 1 ) Kaffirs.

ChrisChris Annandale <>

Subject: Maggie

Date: 01 November 2010 6:37:05 AM SAST

Colin Read <>Colin

I finally got a hold of my Mom through her husband. The fact that the Maggie went back to her put her into an episode of paranoid delusions of persecution ? Sounds like the bipolar disorder is unstable and she kas delusions that everyone is watching her. She is under treatment and is still incoherent. She destroyed the Maggie Laubser painting believing something was wrong and repoting that “people were driving up and down the street watching her”. I had asked that the paintings be returned to me, so have since instructed to hold off on sending any coins back to you.

I have no confidence in S. W. after he divulged information to you that is completely irrelevant and shows his lack of judgement and explains his negative opinion about the paintings we traded. Yoyu have already informed me months ago that a friend who is an art expert told you they are fine earlier works and I have no reason to believe otherwise.

I am not near any internet connections for the next 2 weeks, so will speak when Im back in Calgary.

Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Legal representation coins in trust

Date: 03 November 2010 12:26:54 PM SAST

Mike Anderson <>

Colin Read <>HI Mike

All is well and we can deal with this stuff once I am back.

I also need you to take some coins for me in trust. I need to trade them with a man in South Africa called Colin Read, He will appoint a lawyer in SA to hand me over what I am to get in trade and the two of you can communicate. I will be back in canada on Nov15.

I will CC Mr.Read on this also with your permission.


Chris Annandale

Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Tic Toc

Date: 27 October 2010 6:22:34 PM SAST

Colin Read <>HI Colin

My brother emailed and said you were wanting to speak with him. Please do not complicate things by involving third parties. If I have to start explaining to others what is going on or worrying my family (especially my mentally very unstable mother), it will just make it much harder for me to get this done amicably and quickly. You dont have to pressurize me or make threats as I am happy to get back to you what belongs to you.

I am very happy to return your coins as all my dealings with you so far has been done in good faith and the trust that we would both be happy. The fact that you are not happy as enough for me to return everything I have that was traded. If the paintings are in fact not worth what I paid for them or what you traded for them then its not your problem, but mine. I am very surprized and somewhat confused. The Gregoires came from him personally. How can they be fakes ? I bought a few from Volks auctioneers and had them seen by Stephan Welz’s business in Sandton, how are they njow no good after so many years ? I bought the Maggie from Schweikerdt Gallery in PTA, an old family business, how is it now a fake just because I varnished it to stabilize the crakcs ? I understood from you earlier that you had an experienced person look at them amd tell ypou they were fine ?

I am not in the business of stealing or cheating my friends ands have far more to loose than a few coins or artworks as I am paid well and am involved in two businesses that are both going to do well with time. I dont need schemes to do fine. Besides that I have a small boy and a wide group of people who trust me and rely on me, so any legal issues are not something I want to deal with or face at all, not at all.  I also dont want to have a legal fight which will cost huge money, this will not be necassary. I also dont want my name in the coin world blackened. So I have lots to loose and it is not in my best interest not to reslove this quickly and completely.

The coins are in Canada and the manager of the branch of Medisys I work at signed for it, so I wrote to her this moring. She usually responds within a day. I sent them from Port Elizabeth and it took 4 days to get there. I will instruct her not to open the box ans send it back to you. “returned to original owner after evaluation” I cant insure for over $2000 and doing so will just create more questions and holdups unless you want it done differently.

I can only work on the others once Im back as they are locked up. I am around for 4 more days, so will get word from Susan and keep you updated. I know she is away some time this month in Montreal at the yearly doctors conference representing calgary as I am not there this year. YOu will be sent your stuff as soon as I can get it to you. Had I had any idea you were not happy I would have kept them on me.

Please be a wee bit patient and I will cooperate with your request and hope to receive the same treatment.

Best for now


Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Tic Toc

Date: 27 October 2010 8:21:36 AM SAST

Colin Read <>Colin

Could you please ask Mr.W. to write a letter explainging his position so I can use this to ask for my money back from those I bought the paitings from. Some of them I have had for a long time.

I assume you are very worried and upset. My apologies. I have a lot on the go at the moment, and a responsible position in the medical community in alberta.T he last thing I need is problems or bad publicity, so I will work to get this settled as soon as possible without the need for lawyers.

I will pay for the shipping of the artworks back to canada.



Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Matter.

Date: 22 December 2010 6:55:20 PM SAST

Colin Read <>

HI Colin

He hasn’t given me a name yet, I know the guy works for POOC and plays cards with him and is paid by him and has the ability to get court orders on his own without permission required from higher sources, that’s about it. He said he gave the coins to this man but I personally doubt it, I think he still has it at home, he knows its thin ice.

I am at work all day so wont get time today for the affidavit but here are the tracking #’s so far so you can check on Fedex and print them off as proof so long.

First batch contained the sammy, two coins and a bunch of stuff for ahmed which he shared with Georg. This he first made asif he didnt receive it and instead got a “novel” , Georg concurred on the phone lying about it as well, they fully intended to keep it all. Ahmed then acknowledged he had it when I said I would send him the veldpond ( he never paid for it to begin with). He has fucked me over so many times now .

Fedex: 459041382516

Second batch was 16 pattern for you ( 2 bonus ), veldpond AU55 and about R300K in other coins to say thanks for helping sort it out. My instructions have always been to meet you and give you the coins in exchange for two paintings ( Kruger stern and one Pierneef) , as we had agreed. He knows I owe you another R1.7m for the rest.

Fedex: 873029470302



Chris Annandale <>

Subject: Re: Tayob

Date: 25 December 2010 1:21:47 AM SAST

Colin Read <>


I told you I had broken out some coins .

You now have R1.5m worth of coins back and we have a deal for you to
get another R1.7m in cash.

As agreed please send two paintings to my brother.



The agreement was to receive my patterns back as well as the other two coins I gave Annandale at The Kruger National Park which he sent to Ahmed Tayob with instructions to return them to me.To date, I still have not had these coins returned to me.

In previous emails above, Annandale undertook to repay my money amounting to R 1,7 million which he has not done.

I told him to send the money to his brother in Stellenbosch and I would deliver all the fake paintings to him in exchange for the money.