Chris studied and qualified as a Doctor at the Pretoria University in South Africa.

( SA I.D. No. 6707095035089 ) 

Specialized as an orthopedic surgeon in Edinburgh Scotland.

(This information was forthcoming from Annandale himself and told to many collectors in South Africa)

Worked  for Medisys in Calgary Alberta in Canada as an Injury Management Consultant. 

He is divorced with a seven year old son.

He is the Co-owner of a new ‘Dutch Style’ auction website TIC TOC.

If you log into the website you will see it is a dismal failure which has obviously cost people Annandale has sucked in to this venture a lot of time and money. WHAT A LOSER !

He collects Old South African coins and Japanese swords and trades under the eBay name Banffpark ( He has closed this account and in all likehood opened an account with eBay in another name )


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